Our Process

Our Process Explained

The best way to find the right people is to partner with people who know them best.

We know our people as well as we know our clients. That’s because we spend so much time interacting with them – by phone in the car to and from work, over lunch or coffee, in the evening after the last fire has been put out, and even on either side of a desk ironing out the details of an offer. But that’s only part of the process.

We Know Our Clients

We believe that the strongest relationships bring the greatest potential for reward. That’s why Eggers Executive Search takes the time to get to know our clients – the people, the organization, the challenges, the long-term strategies for growth, the culture, and the markets in which you operate. We ask questions. We listen to the answers. We develop understanding. We evolve and change with you.

So when we need to find your next senior executive, we know those candidates that offer the best fit. And we can help to make sure that you have the information you need to make the best impression on the top candidates – to put you in the best position to make them part of your leadership team.

We Know Our Candidates

What does it take to make a top performer ready to make a move? It’s different for everyone. But when it happens, there’s no one better suited to connect them with their next senior executive-level position than Eggers Executive Search. In fact, we know a lot more about them than a resume or an interview can reveal.

That’s because we’ve already been talking to them. Learning more about what makes them tick, what’s most important to them, where they want to go professionally, and what would make them consider your company.

It takes more than a business-networking site to start the conversation.

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