Role Description:

As an Associate, you will be working on local, regional, and nation-wide searches, while teaming up with colleagues. The role of Associate is critical in assisting Executive Search Consultants with the identification and development of candidates for executive searches. In addition, the Associate will assist Analysts.

An Associate is a key contributor who sources top-talent and collaborates with Executive Search Consultants to build talent strategy and pipelines. Associates will provide support in intake calls, search identification, strategic recruitment and sourcing strategies, candidate identification, development of candidate pipelines, initial resume review and candidate pre-screening.

Key Responsibilities:
    • Expert in our ATS/CRM system
    • Provide engagement execution support to Executive Search Consultants
    • Participate in the identification and qualification of searches and candidates
    • Expert in intake calls and search identification
    • Expert in talent sourcing strategies and development of new sourcing channels
    • Set goals for Analysts in terms of candidates and clients to put in the database
    • Identify new sources to increase candidate flow sources
    • Identify candidates using search tools and sourcing techniques
    • Craft custom outreach and meaningful candidate engagement
    • Pre-screen candidates, job fit and basic technical skills match
    • Set interviews as necessary
    • Open to learning and applying knowledge related to sourcing and IT
    • Capture and maintain accurate market, client, and candidate information
    • Make calling lists for Search Consultants
    • Help maintain data and facilitate search process
    • Perform other duties as assigned
    Skills Required
    • Ability to work independently and as a member of a team
    • Open and willing to learn new information and perform a variety of tasks
    • Takes initiative and demonstrates a high level of dependability and follow through
    • Strong communication skills


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